Schedule of Programs

For  Ceremonial Occassions
 (Birthdays (women only), weddings, bridal parties, coming-of-age, divorce, death, house blessings, anniversaries, healing, prayer, women's retreats)


A solo dancer or a group of dancers can also perform a traditional or semi-traditional dance ritual at your event. Performances are tailored to fit your style and are typically between 20 – 30 minutes. Fees start at $300.


Group Classes  (minimum 6 people):  $15 per person for a 60 - 75 minute class; $20 per person for a 90 minute class – includes proper warm-ups and movement technique, combinations.  Minimum of 4 classes.

Private Classes: $75/hour for a 60 - 75 minute class.  Individualized attention to learn the dance style of your choice or to develop tools for your practice: technique, specific developmental exercises, choreographic skills, stage presentation.  Original choreography not included.

Master Classes:
  $75/ hour – a one-time 1-2 hour class of specialized interest for your group or organization. A great way to introduce dance into your program or community or to introduce a specific technique, style, or topic


Workshops: $120/hour – a 1-2 day event for your community, group, or organization with each daily session lasting between 4-6 hours.  Excellent for learning a specific dance technique, style, or topic in greater depth. Travel fees and expenses are additional. 


Residencies: $90-$125 – Extended sessions of 60-90 min classes on a specific topic for a specific group level.  Goal oriented learning often involving a specific project or choreography.


A unique way to celebrate is to learn to perform a dance for your event. Within a series of 6-8 classes, I will teach you a unique choreography crafted to music of your choosing. I will also help you develop or purchase your costume for the event and make this special night of your life truly memorable. Fees start at $600 and include music, choreography, and a hip scarf that is yours to keep.

For You & Your Sisters

Classes for you AND your girlfriends, sisters, cousins, aunts, and mother. And of course, I can help all of you acquire costumes (not covered by class fees). Fees start at $800 for 6 classes. Class requirement: 6 or more individuals.


Why wait for an occasion?
Are you interested in the history of belly dancing, Egyptian Orientale technique, sacred dance, folkloric dance, yoga for Middle Eastern dance, or costume history? Call me at 832.287.7011 to open a personalized class today. Individual and group classes can be scheduled at your convenience and at a location of your choice. Class times can be coordinated to fit your schedule and class material to fit your interests.