Master Class Series
Dances of the Maghreb & Egypt

Design courtesy of Geri Snider.
Photos courtesy of R. Clayton McKee and A/ Almaaza Phtography

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Photo courtesy of Jay "J" Thomas Ford, Night Sky Creative

Kristina Koutsoudas is an award winning choreographer/performer/scholar of dances of the Middle East and North Africa with a special emphasis on women's ritual and spiritual dances also of the Mediterranean. Currently she teaches at Rice University and is developing programs for her 2013-2014 season in Persian classical dance.  

                                                             Photos courtesy of Jay "J" Thomas Ford, Night Sky Creative

                                                       Image courtesy of Dr. Fayeq Oesis
 Photo courtesy of R. Clayton McKee 

                                           Photo courtesy of J. "Jay" Thomas Ford, Night Sky Creative           
Dancers Kari Steele & Elizabeth Brossa.

Dancers" Gabriella Reyes-Mailloux, Breayn Abramson, Elizabeth Brossa, Duo Wu, and Lorena Gauthereau

Dancers above two photos (left to right): Kristina Koutsoudas, Lorena Gauthereau
 Gabriella Reyes-Mailloux, Amy Medford, Breayn Abramson, Kari Steele, Elizabeth Brossa, and Duo Wu.

Photos courtesy of Jay "J" Thomas Ford, Night Sky Creative