Dream Makers

Special thanks to the divine being and my host of angels…

my mother, Olympia, for all of her love and support and believing in me when I was not – I am here because of you, my father Andreas, may you be proud and rest peacefully; my aunt and ancestors for their sacrifices so that I may be here now,  my teachers, whose guidance & wisdom sustains my spirit and soul: Hazrat Inayat Khan, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Shahabbudin David Less, Aziza Scott, Rathna Kumar, Qizlahon, Amel Taffsout, Ibrahim Farah, Leila Gamal, Jihan Kemal, Artemis, Dalia, Tayyar, Linda, Karim, Constance Braden, George Purvis, & Joyce Jones of The Houston Iyengar Yoga Studio, among many; my artistic, legal, & personal counselors, for their keen insights, wisdom, constant support and/or encouragement: Craig Ellis, Frances Russell, Irving Wyble, Isabelle Ganz, Andre Makarov, Julietta Ducote, Leslie Scates, and David Anderson of The Anderson Law Firm, my cast for their commitment and talents, including Alla Shariy & Studio K for costumes, Jason Jackson of Nameless Sound, for hours of sound editing, Julie Correa of the Blue Mambo for make-up & hair design, Kris Phelps, for her amazing work and huge heart Ruth Langston, for her constant help & support which I could rely on; my students, for dancing and being great program support especially Chaitra Rai and Teresa Walker; Rosie Trump & Dr. Elizabeth Slator of Rice University’s Dance Dept & LPAP program for their generous space grant and constant support of my work; Bob Stevenson at KUHF;  Phoenicia Specialty Foods, for their sweet support;The Rothko Chapel staff and all contributors for their gracious hospitality and service to holding the space for art and spirituality to come together.

And to the ranks of financial contributors without whom "Nour-an-Nisa: Light of Femininity" would not have taken place:

Archangels: The Houston Arts Alliance & the City of Houston, Frances Russell, Julietta Ducote & George Zombakis, Mikhail Davenport, Olympia Koutsoudas, Phoenicia Specialty Foods, and Studio K

Seraphim: Christopher & Jennifer Washam, Dorothy Dickie, Dorothy Weathers, Fly High Little Bunny, Greg Goodrich & Rose Kimborough, Hannah Curry & Andre Makarov, Heba Khan, Loueva Smith, Ronnie Anderson of The Blue Mambo, Ruth Langston

Cherubim: Cherie Colbert, Christina & Connie Mentis, Cynthia Thoren, David Lake, Dorianne Castillo, Andria Denmon, Green Dragonfly, Lucia’s Garden, Pat Greer’s Kitchen, The Jung Center of Houston.

…for helping make my dream possible.

I have many dreams...and it takes a village to help make them come true.

I would love to hear from you.

Please send me an email to and/or send me a letter at:

PO BOx 667486
Houston, Texas 77266-7486
832 -571-6900

Contact me now and lets start living the dream!

Image courtesy of Dr. Fayeq Oesis

Image courtesy of Dr. Fayeq Oesis