Studio K
Artistic Director, Kristina Koutsoudas

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Image Courtesy of Dr. Fayeq Oesis

Women’s bodies are sacred. Women share experiences through their bodies which can be celebrated through dance.

Dance, particularly Near and Middle Eastern and North African traditional and contemporary dance, gives a unique and powerful expression to several most intimate, universal female experiences in all of their sacredness: courtship, fertility, marriage, prayer, birth, healing, and death. In sharing my dances it is my hope that new awareness and appreciation emerge for the uniqueness, the specialness, sacredness of our ‘ordinary’ lives and bodies and that of the cultures from which these dances spring. My work is only a very, very small glimpse into the rich artistic and cultural traditions of their origins.  As we sit, these traditions are changing and leaving our world.  I hope I inspire you to investigate them further. Our interest will indeed encourage their preservation so that we may continue to enjoy the land, culture, art, wisdom, and beauty of our world for more generations to come.

Photo courtesy of Delise Ward